January 24, 2013

Random Links (1/24)

How Much Money Am I Supposed to Give Away
"It is a question every pastor faces on a regular basis. It is a question every conference speaker faces in panel discussions or Q&A sessions: How much of my money do I give to the church? How much should I give to the church?"

Why Wearing Clothes of Mixed Fabrics (Lev. 19:19) Was Wrong
"Unbelievers love to prove how unreasonable it is to believe in the Bible through bringing forth unreasonable commands, like Leviticus 19:19: “You shall keep my statutes. You shall not let your cattle breed with a different kind. You shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor shall you wear a garment of cloth made of two kinds of material." It certainly seems odd, doesn't it?"

Marriage in the Cosmic Plan of God
"As men and women who live out God-given roles, we discover Christ’s cosmic work is reflected inside our homes. This God-honoring marriage then shines like a light in our neighborhoods to announce to the rulers and principalities the victory of Christ. Christ-honoring marriages are a living proof of the cosmic victory of Christ."

Three Important Tips on Reading
"I read. A lot. Well, it doesn’t feel like I read enough, but compared to normal people, yes, it’s a bit obsessive. (What can I say? I’m Reformed.) In any case, while there have been a number of pieces of advice on reading that I’ve found, received, or formulated over the years, but three in particular have shaped my reading habits and formed me, I think, for the better, as both a reader and a thinker."

The Acting Alone Fallacy
"The idea that you're "alone" unless you're being directed by the government strikes me as dehumanizing and almost abusive. So I resist this scare tactic of presenting the government as the alternative to being "alone.""

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