December 18, 2012

Upcoming - 12 Day Book Giveaway

Each day between tomorrow and the end of the year, I'll be giving away a group of books from my library. These are all used but in generally readable condition. Some may contain underlining. I don't necessarily endorse the content in any of these books, but they have all been useful in one way or another.

How to Win

On the day of the drawing, just enter a comment on why these books would interest you. Entries will be accepted until the end of that day. I'll select one person at random to be the winner and they will receive all of the books listed for the day. If no one wants them they will be donated. The drawing is only open to US residents.

These are the categories I'll be giving away. The actual books will be listed the day of the drawing.

Day 1 - Classics Old and New (5 Books) - Homer, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, and Dillard

Day 2 - Challenging the Faith (4 Books) - Bart Ehrman, et al

Day 3 - Charles Spurgeon and John Wesley (4 Books)

Day 4 - Thinking Christianly (2 Books) - John Piper and Harry Blamires

Day 5 - Wit and Wisdom (2 Books) - Alan Jacobs

Day 6 - Mission (2 Books) - Hudson Taylor, Yohannen, and Wurmbrand

Day 7 - Applying a Christian Worldview (2 Books)

Day 8 - Parenting to the Glory of God (2 Books)

Day 9 - History and War (3 Books)

Day 10 - Perspectives on the good news (3 Books)

Day 11 - Marriage and Ministry (3 Books)

Day 12 - Biblical Studies (2 Books)


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