December 25, 2012

Random Links (12/25)

""I will never forget what came next," she said. "She looked at me, and without skipping a beat said, 'Don't tell your brother and sister.' I was devastated. … A huge bomb was dropped on me and as silly as it sounds, it really changed my life."

"As you know, for ten years Richard Dawkins has been publicly insisting that it would be better to sexually or physically abuse a child than to raise the child as a Catholic. And for ten years, Dawkins has been supporting this offensive and outrageous claim with some letter he supposedly received from some woman in America. During all this time, no journalist and no “accomodationist” has ever challenged Dawkins on this. In fact, after ten years, we still have no evidence that this letter actually exists, and if it does, that the account is true. So after ten years, his signature argument amounts to nothing more than hearsay. But this has changed thanks to one single Muslim journalist who posed the most obvious challenge to Dawkins..."
Also from this site, Sneaky Scientism.

"Is Christmas also for those who grieve? Such a question would perplex those who experienced the events that night in humble Bethlehem and those who followed Christ throughout his earthly ministry. Christmas is especially for those who grieve."

"When a new technology arrives we tend to focus on what new things it makes possible, but a recent trip to Taco Cabana and another to an Apple store reminded me that of equal importance are the things technology makes impossible, or at least extremely uncommon. Below are five formerly everyday human experiences that modern technology tends to hide."

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