December 21, 2012

Biblical Training: Learning Romans with Douglas Moo

We are proud to announce a new class: Romans, by Prof. Douglas Moo. I have known Doug by reputation for many years, and it has been good to get to know him better on the NIV translation team; he is the chair. He is the author of The Epistle to the Romans in the New International Commentary on the New Testament; if you can only get one commentary Romans, this is it. You can see his academic credentials here. Doug is also a very good photographer, and you can see his work on his personal site.
I highly recommend that you consider watching or listening to these lectures and taking the time to follow along with the related reading. The rewards will be great. I concur with the remarks about Moo's NICNT commentary on Romans, and would go further to say that this is perhaps the best commentary on a book of the Bible. It is big at times quite advanced, but don't let that deter you. The lectures in combination with the other recommended reading (which are very accessible books) will open up whole new vistas into your understanding of the Bible and, more importantly, your understanding of what God has done and is doing in this world.

You can access the course here.

If you're not familiar with, this is a ministry devoted to providing high-quality, freely available, courses to lay Christians and future leaders taught by some of the leading evangelical seminary professors. They have programs on every level from foundational new believer classes all the way up to seminary-level courses. You can see the details here. If you're interested in growing in your understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith, this is an invaluable resource.

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