December 21, 2012

12 Day Book Giveaway - Day #3 - Charles Spurgeon and John Wesley

Each day until the end of the year, I'll be giving away a group of books from my library. These are all used but in generally readable condition. Some may contain underlining. I don't necessarily endorse the content in any of these books, but they have all been useful in one way or another.

How to Win

Fill out the form below to enter the drawing. Entries will be accepted until the end of the day today. I'll select one person at random to be the winner and they will receive all of the books listed for the day. If no one wants them they will be donated. The drawing is only open to US residents.

Day #3

A Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley by Kenneth Collins
"A Real Christian: The Life of John Wesley fills a void in available books in Wesleyan studies by providing a brief, solid biography that focuses on Wesley himself. While exploring Wesley's ancestry, birth, death, and every major biographical and theological event between, Collins also explores the theme of John Wesley's spiritual growth and maturation. Wesley came to the conclusion that real Christians are those whose inward (and outward) lives have been transformed by the bountiful sanctifying grace of God -- what he termed real Christianity--and this he strove to obtain for himself. Real Christianity, as Wesley understood it, embraces both works of piety and mercy, the person and the social."

Growing in Grace by John Wesley, edited by Judith Couchman
"In the 1700s, John Wesley's anointed preaching set hearts afire and ignited a revival in the church. Today his words are still spiritually flammable, and you will find your spirit enkindled as you read them in these forty selections from his works. John Wesley: Growing in Grace not only introduces readers to the breadth and depth of Wesley's inspirational works, but it also focuses them on the Christian's personal response to Christ as the key to the coming of revival. Charles Wesley's hymns are interspersed with the devotions."

Words of Wisdom for Daily Life by Charles Spurgeon
"If the Lord has called you by His grace, all the men on earth and all the fiends in hell cannot reverse the calling. You belong to Him! This is just one of the many truths that Charles Spurgeon presents in this thirty-one-day devotional guide. Spurgeon's anecdotes and biblical principles will inspire your daily walk with the Lord."

Seven Wonders of Grace by Charles Spurgeon
A collection of devotionals based on sermons by Charles Spurgeon. "If divine grace has kindled a fire in you it is that your fellow men may burn with the same flame. If the eternal fount has filled you with living water it is that out of the midst of you should flow rivers of living water. You are blessed that you may bless ; whom have you blessed yet ? Let the question go round. Do not avoid it."

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