February 3, 2009

Music from Geof Kimber

My brother told me about a little known artist that he likes named Geof Kimber and wanted me to let everyone know. You can listen online here:


Also check out his website here:

The song "Father Me" is particularly relevant to me:

c Aiyura Music, www.geofkimber.com
In a world that's filled with bitterness
and a way that some folks live
May this child rise above it
as we teach her to forgive
She could easily hold grudges
and let her own heart turn sour
But may she embrace your sweetnes
and be to you a fragrant flower

I am so aware we have her for a reason
To train her in your ways
and to guide her in your grace
I am so aware we have her for a season
Teach me to father her as you father me - at every turn
Teach me to father her as you father me

In a church that's filled with compromise
even with those who believe
May this child here discern it
and choose to turn to you and cleave
May she give her life to Jesus
and never be torn in two
But may you always find her to be
consecrated, Lord, to you

In a life that's filled with struggling
over her own sinfulness
May this child rise and conquer
through your power and nothing less
May she grow to know the blessing
of a burden that is light
And may you find she becomes
a victorious army in your sight

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