October 28, 2001

Sermon on the Mount

What is that blessed mystery?
That holy Christianity?
Is it nothing but piety?
Or is there more that we don’t see?
I tell you, more than piety.
But nothing more than what we see.

Not with our eyes, but with our heart
We may with ease set it apart
From all other pious arts.
That one for whom the waters part,
He has told us from Whom Thou art.
Unto your words we all will hark,

The herald as well. Angels sing,
Glory unto God’s Holy King.
The wedding bells finally ring,
When we’re taken under His wing. 
Oh, that we could hear Him speaking
Words that are of everlasting.

Blessed are the poor in spirit
For already they are near it.
Far from the other end, the pit,
In His kingdom the righteous sit.
Their know their place at their end wits’
They cannot save themselves, they’ve quit.

Blessed are the merciful, yes.
He gives them comfort and will bless
Them for their acts to those who’re less.
Those without it are in a mess,
Judgement without mercy, nothing less.
This is the truth, I must confess.

Blessed are they that mourn today,
The comfort they find will repay
For their sorrow along the way.
They see their sin and then they say,
Lord we are sinners, shall we stay?
This is their sorrow for these days.

Blessed are the meek, I swear it.
The whole earth they shall inherit.
The Lord’s righteousness they wear it
As their own with no real merit.
These are humble one’s, not careless
To others they show much patience.

Blessed be they who hunger and thirst
After righteousness, and that first.
They always feel that they’re the worst,
Always looking to lift the curse,
The effects of sin which they nurse.
They shall be filled and not get worse.

Blessed are those who’re pure in heart.
To them alone Thou will impart
The glory of the King Thou art.
Those with clean hands, they are smart.
They shall see God, not just in part.
Toward His throne they all will dart.

Blessed are those who make the peace.
Not just the kind between two teams,
But that which will heal the breach
Between God and man found in each.
This is the gospel that they preach.
The children of God they shall be.

The salt of the earth we all are.
A light shining from off afar.
Though the world know not who we are,
We tell them of their sin, and jar
Their mind to see that they are marred
With guilt from having evil hearts.

The law and the prophets that are past,
He did not end but made them last
Though the heavens and earth shall pass,
His words and the Law shall hold fast.
To ignore this would be quite crass,
We should obey His words en masse.

You heard before, “Thou shalt not kill.”
He tells you now, whoever will
Be angry with his brother still, 
Or is holding unjust ill-will,
Shall suffer punishment until,
They have paid the entire bill.

“Do not commit adultery.”
If a pretty woman you see
At look at her sexually,
You shall be considered guilty
Of committing adultery.
This He states so very clearly.

Divorce is not to be allowed,
Except for fornication now.
How sacred is the wedding vow,
It cannot just be disallowed.
Husband and wife must work it out,
It can be avoided somehow.

Again they said in time of old,
Every oath you should uphold.
The Lord Himself has come and told
Us not to swear or be so bold,
As to promise things we don’t know.
Say “Yes” for yes, and “No” for no.

They said, Tooth for tooth, eye for eye.
A new command will purify
Us of our evil, by and by.
Resist not evil, don’t ask why.
Suffer all wrong, and testify.
The same as Jesus when He died.

Give to those who ask for or need.
Love both neighbor and enemy;
Pray for those who despitefully
Use you. Always do the good deed.
Live your life with much charity.
As God is perfect, you should be.

When you do works of charity,
Try not to let everyone see.
This men do that they may glory
In their own works of piety.
Still do good works, just secretly.
God will reward you openly.


Some call it acute anxiety disorder,
But even with a pretty border
It’s nothing more than stress.
Either way it’s one giant mess.

I can’t sleep more than three hours a night.
When I’m awake, with myself I always fight.
Maybe I’ve got a lot on my mind, I don’t know.
One thing’s for sure, this has got to go.

I miss those quiet peaceful nights,
Lying in bed without the lights.
I could fall asleep without a second thought.
Now, if they sold sleep it’d be the first thing I bought.

There’s not a lot of stress in my life,
I don’t have kids or a nagging wife.
It may be related to my spiritual position,
Lately I haven’t done much with religion.

I miss my God and my times of prayer,
I miss always knowing that He’ll be there.
Do you think if I ask, my needs He’ll supply?
I hope so, cause I’m going to give it a try.

Name Above Names

We hear the name every day,
But few think of Him.
It’s on our lips when we pray,
But our thoughts do seem dim.

He is the great King of creation,
The very giver of light,
We have a special relation,
He helps me to sleep at night.

He is the origin of Love,
In nature His beauty is seen,
Yet we give more thought to a dove,
Than to this great King.

He suffered death for our sin,
But that wasn’t enough to please us.
And then He rose again,
Now we all know His name: Jesus

Psalm 1

Blessed is the man that walketh
Not in the ungodly’s counsel
Nor in the way of sinners standeth
Nor sitteth in the seat of scoundrels

He much enjoys other things
In the law of God he delights
Through the day holy hymns he sings
But on the law he meditates at night

And he shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water
He once and for all be free
 Bringing forth fruit from his Father

His leaf also shall not wither
And whatever he does will prosper
The wicked never reach the river
But suffer for the evil they’ve fostered

The way of the righteous the Lord knows
But the ungodly shall lose their life
God will cure the righteous of all woes
And they’ll forever reign with Christ

Psalm 23

He is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
He has be lie in green pastures,
Leading me beside the water front.
My very soul He enraptures.

In paths of righteousness He leads me.
I walk through the valley of death,
Though I feel nothing because of Thee.
With Thy rod and staff I’m blessed.

In the presence of my enemies
You have prepared me a table.
With oil on my head You anoint me,
My cup runs over, and I’m able

To forever dwell in Heaven’s house.
Mercy and goodness follow me
From You, whom I cannot do without.
To you alone praise and glory.

Psalm 143

I cry out for Your grace and Your mercy,
O LORD, listen to my prayer,
In Your faithfulness and righteousness answer me,
And leave me not in despair,

Enter not into judgment with Your servant,
For You see through the holiest of eyes.
I know from Your righteous observance,
No living man shall be justified.

For sin has tormented my soul,
And iniquity has brought me down.
I’ve been made to dwell in the darkness of Sheol,
Like those long dead and in the ground.

My spirit is overwhelmed within me
And my heart is made a wasteland.
Of long ago days I have memory
I think of the mighty works of Your hand.

Like a land without water,
Or dry crops needing rain,
My soul thirsts for You Father,
I stretch out my hands to You in pain.

Answer me quickly, LORD, please,
My spirit is failing, I feel it.
Don’t hide Your face from my plea,
Lest I descend into the darkest pit.

Cause me to know Your love,
When I wake up every day.
For it is You that I trust in above,
Cause me to walk in the right way.

Deliver me from temptation and evil,
I hide underneath Your wings.
Teach me to do Your complete will.
For You are my one holy King.

For Your name’s sake, make me alive.
And of Your mercy spare me from sin.
Cut off the enemies with which I strive,
For I am Your servant and friend.

The Meaning of Life

Working third shift at the BP
Not too exciting so far,
I guess we’ll wait and see.
As I sit and watch the cars go by,
I can’t help but think to myself,
What’s the point of it? Or, why?
Everyone asks, What’s the meaning of life?
But no one really wants to know.
They ask the question to seem wise,
But it’s all just a show.
If you want to know the meaning of life,
Then I’ll tell you where to look:
To some it’s a source of advice,
To other just a book.
No matter what you think of it,
We’ll all be held liable
For knowing the contents of it.
You’ve probably heard of it: The Bible
So many ask
But few want to know
Why they are here
Or where they will go.
So what is the meaning of life?
I really cannot say.
Only God know, ask Him
He’ll show you the Way.

And They Called His Name Jesus

He was born in a manger.
There was no room at the inn.
His parents showed no anger,
For they knew it was Him.

He was raised by a carpenter.
Yet it was little know
That He had a much larger Mentor.
This they knew when He was grown.

He taught in the temples and fields.
He spoke as one having authority.
Not, as the people would yield,
Like the Scribes and Pharisees.

He healed the sick and the blind.
He once raised the dead from the tomb.
He fed over five thousand at one time.
Yet, the people thought, what more can He do?

He went as a lamb to the slaughter.
A reproach of men,
Forsaken even by His Father.
Who’d have know He’d purchased the cure for sin.

This humble an from Nazareth,
Lived His whole life to please us.
A heavenly city He established,
And they called His name JESUS.